Jordan is a photographer specializing in family, newborn and Art Print portraiture.

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hi :) 

Glad you came over to see some of my work.

This is usually the part where the photographer tells of how they were born with a camera in their hand and so on and so forth - I wish that were true! When I was about 8 I would pretend my cousins and dogs were my models, I had a little binder as my "portfolio" that i showed all my family and friends. I bought my first "real" camera around the same time I had my first baby with the intent of not letting one moment pass without snapping a picture so that I could remember every single detail about the beautiful being that made me a mommy- which I did! we had never ending photo shoots every day focusing on what new milestone he had reached or what his new favorite food or toy was, from then on I have had an ongoing love affair with creating images that really felt like art. I think what most of us mamas really want when we welcome our babies into our lives, to never forget their wrinkled little fingers and toes, their pouty lips or long eyelashes!

And don't forget everyone else in the family,  capturing personalities and relationships within families is something i love and Id love to have to privlege of capturing all those details for you! 

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